Sunday, May 22, 2011

Spor/Feed Me

Lately I've been getting into a lot of drums and bass, and I must say my favorite producer so far is spor.  Drums and Bass is a genre of electronic music that features fast drum loops, heavy basslines, and just overall awesomeness.  DNB is usually at a higher tempo(around 160 BMP) compared to a lot of other genres.  Anyway, Spor is pretty sick, here's a few sweet songs by him.

Spor is also produces some really sick dubstep/house songs under the name Feed Me.  I really admire the production quality on all of his tracks, they're just superb.  Anyway, here's the song Cloudburn by Feed Me.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Trance is great!  I don't know a whole lot about the genre, but I know some pretty cool songs!

My first awesome trance song is called Crying Soul by DJ Splash.  I really love the build-up in this one, and the synth leads sound so peppy and cheery and awesome.
The second song I choose is the Pure Imagination Trance Remix.  It's seriously one of the coolest songs I've ever heard and definitely one of my favorites.
Lastly, I choose Children by Robert Miles.  My favorite part about this song is the intro.  It sounds so relaxing and uplifting and when the beat kicks in this song surely kicks ass.
That's it for this post!  I think for my next post I'll review some rap mixtapes or cover another genre of music. Any suggestions?  I'd love your input.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Dubstep song I made

Yeah, I've been making dubstep for about a month now and I'm still learning and improving.  I still think this is by far the coolest song I've made so far though.   I need a new name because funeral is kind of dumb, any suggestions?

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Skrillex is awesome.

I've been a Skrillex fan for a little while, but I just now realized that this video existed.  It's the freaking best, just watch it.  I can't wait to see my boy Skrillex at DEMF this year, it's going to be orgasmically good.

Monday, May 9, 2011


In this post I am going to write about Shpongle, more importantly the album Tales of the Inexpressible.  If you have never heard of Shpongle they are a collection of people who make downtempo/ambient psychedelic trance music.  Shpongle consists of Simon Posford, who composes and produces most of their music, and Raja Ram who plays the flute among other instruments.  I would say that Shpongle is best listened to while under the influence of "psychedelic" substances, but don't get me wrong, I completely enjoy them sober as well.  My first idea of what Shpongle would sound like was completely off of what they actually sound like.  I thought that they would be very trippy and out there,which they are, but they are much more than that.  Shponge has a very worldly sound which is demonstrated in their song Dorset Perception.
Furthermore, Shpongle uses the voice work of many artists, and also samples from other songs.  In the song "A New Way To Say Hurray," a sample from an African tribe song is used.  The production quality and composition of Shpongle's music blows me away each time I listen to them.  

All in all, just check them out, they're amazing.  If you are into said "psychedelic substances" listen to them while under the influence and you will not regret it.  I leave you with another great song, the Star Shpongled Banner.

Friday, May 6, 2011

200 Followers and other stuff!

Hurray! Got 200 followers, thanks everyone!

In this post I will post misc songs that I enjoy and that I hope you will enjoy as well.

First song: Home Again- Disco Biscuits
The Disco Biscuits are a psych-trance jam band.  They started as a Phish(another great band) cover band.  This is their track Home Again off of their album "They Missed The Perfume."  I rather do enjoy this song, it's very catchy and relaxing, definitely a great song to toke to.

Second song: 1979- Smashing Pumpkins
The Smashing Pumpkins are a pretty well-known band from the 90s.  My favorite track from this band, actually probably one of my favorite songs period, is 1979.  It's a very chill and mellow song with a hypnotic drum line.  The chilled out sound of the guitar matches this song perfectly.

Third song:  When I'm Small- Phantogram
Phantogram is group described best as "beat heavy indie pop."  The band uses drum loops and synthesizers plus a guitar in most of their songs.  In this track the guitarist mainly strums one note and moves along with the rest of the track.  It has a very haunting sound, but it is still an awesome song.

Sunday, May 1, 2011


I am a huge fan of classic rock and one of my favorite albums is Fragile by progressive rock band Yes.  Prog rock is one of those genres that just grows on you the more and more you listen to it.  If you're a musician like myself you really come to appreciate the technicality of prog rock.  Genre switch ups and time signature changes are a hard thing to pull off, and to get them to sound nice and flow well is a difficult task.  Although I've known about Yes for quite some time, it wasn't until I listened to this album all the way through about a year ago when I really started to get into them.
One of the most famous tracks off of this album is Roundabout.  It's one of my favorite songs off of Fragile.  It starts out with a slow acoustic guitar build up and blasts into a funky and fast jam.  The vocalist of Yes, Jon Anderson, has a very distinctive high pitched voice which goes smoothly with the rest of the band.
Heart of the Sunrise is my favorite song off of Fragile instrument wise.  The intro to this song is very progressive with the fast paced drumming which transitions into a slow bass/drum breakdown.
Mood for a Day is an acoustic track off of the album.  Personally, I think Steve Howe wrote a masterpiece with this song.  It's very beautiful and relaxing to listen to.  The guitar on this song has a very classical sound.