Saturday, April 30, 2011

Flux Pavilion

Flux Pavilion is another dubstep producer out of the UK.  His signature sound is a high pitched screeching sound that he uses in most of his songs.  His tracks are usual very melodic in substance, and less filthy and grimy than most other dubstep.  Flux is what some would refer to as "brostep" because of his melodies, however he is still a great producer.  One of my favorite tracks by Flux is Bass Cannon which has a very epic cowbell beginning and has a very intense drop.  Flux's Cracks remix is also a great club banger, and it features awesome female vocals.  You can tell that Flux Pavilion pays attention to the details in his tracks whilst listening to them, which is why he is one of the top rising dubstep producers.

This is a live set from Flux, the first tune he drops is Bass Cannon which is just an insane track.

Flux Pavilion- Cracks


  1. I'll hand it to him, he's got a uniqueness to his sound. It really sets him aside from the rest

  2. I like this, man. Never heard of the guy either; great post.

  3. not really my kind of dubstep...

  4. Pretty cool, honestly not too much of a fan of dubstep, but this is alright.

  5. Flux Pavillion has to be one of my favorite dubstep artists but definitely one of many.

    Not a huge fan of Bass Cannon but Crack remix is borderline orgasmic. You've got good taste my man.